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We are all leaders, and the challenges facing our society and our world are immense. To solve them, we are all desperately needed.

the only source of a leader's power is that others choose to follow.

I believe that leadership is our highest calling, since leading entails helping others become the best version of themselves, by giving as effectively as possible of ourselves. As leaders, we must not believe that we deserve the power bestowed on us. Rather, our power arises only from others’ choice to follow us, and only to the extent that we can harness their energy towards our mission.

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There is far more that unites us than divide us.

In CONNECTED: A Search for Unity, Monty Moran travels the continent in a single engine plane, seeking to unify mankind through the wisdom of people from very different backgrounds, while showing how people are united in their common struggle to find meaning and purpose.

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We can become the best version of ourselves.

Read stories of real people developing, growing and blossoming.

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imagine a world

where children have the opportunity to grow a healthy mind and body, who are empowered to achieve their dreams and have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

with more vulnerability and less ego.

filled with more love, so that we might become a more connected human race.

where each of us find our unique purpose and fulfillment.

where we are rewarded for how effective we are in making the people around us better.

where each of us feel more connected to each other, the earth, and animals.

where we all feel seen, valued, understood, and loved realizing that there is far more that unites us than divides us.

where we respect our most precious resources, the land and animals.

let us all

leave a

legacy of love

My work takes me throughout the world, asking questions of people who feel unseen and unheard. I hope to share the wisdom of people from all walks of life.

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