CONNECTED: A Search for Unity is a docuseries that seeks to illuminate that we are all one people, connected, and that we share a desire to be seen, understood, valued and loved. The purpose is to build unity and love through sharing the wisdom and experiences of people from all walks of life; proving that there is far more that unites us than divides us.

01 Preview Episode We Are Blood Alberta, Canada. During his visit with the Blood Tribe on the Blackfoot Nation, Monty learns how the first people are coping in the aftermath of cultural genocide. Despite being stripped of their land, tradition, language, and identity, Monty finds timeless wisdom even in the midst of great struggle, as well as powerful lessons of hope, forgiveness, redemption, and love 02 Preview Episode The Goodlands Kensington, North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Set in a part of Philadelphia often referred to as “The Badlands,” Monty finds himself immersed in the largest open air drug market in the United States, where thousands of needles, filth and waste are scattered across streets and parks, despite an unending cycle of efforts to curb the problem. Yet, from seemingly unfertile soil, arise stories of resilience, redemption, and extraordinary people working to help each other find love and unity. The Country that Built the Country - Monty Moran 03 Preview Episode The County That Built The Country McDowell County, West Virginia. Once one of the wealthiest counties in America and home to the first billion dollar company, McDowell has been called the county that built the country. But with most coal mines closed, it is now among the poorest places, and suffers the shortest life expectancy and highest death rate from opioids of all 3,142 counties in the USA. Set against stunning mountain landscapes, Monty meets extraordinary people with incredible grit, determination, hope, and a deep love for one another, who shatter many stereotypes of Appalachian life. The River - Monty Moran 04 Preview Episode The River Laredo, Texas. Home to the largest inland port in the USA, Monty visits people whose lives are shaped by their proximity to the Rio Grande, which has long been the United States Mexico border. For Maria and her 7 year old daughter, after months of struggle, hunger, fear, violence, and kidnapping, this river symbolized the last obstacle in the way of her dreams of a new life of opportunity and security. For others, it represents the only thing protecting the USA from cartels, drugs, corruption and violence. Yet people in this town are committed to a life of compassion, understanding and love. My Father Was A Fisherman - Monty Moran 05 Preview Episode My Father Was A Fisherman Port Clyde, Maine. Despite being difficult and often thankless work, for over a century the residents of this idyllic fishing village have followed their ancestors footsteps, and answered the mysterious call of the sea. Fishing these waters is their first passion and love, but there are many pitfalls and challenges. Yet once again, their struggles become the soil in which wisdom grows, and we again witness the triumph of the human spirit.
06 Preview Episode The Divide Brunswick, Georgia. This coastal town in Southern Georgia is where a young black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was killed. Monty sits down with Ahmaud’s father and uncle, local activists and community leaders, and even those who celebrate the confederate flag. But as Monty learns the truth from the men and women closest to this tragedy, instead of division, he finds love, mutual respect, and unity that our whole nation can learn from.

The last two decades have been increasingly tumultuous in almost every way for this nation. Our national media paints a picture of an America almost irreconcilably divided. Rich against poor, conservative against liberal, traditional against alternative, and a backdrop of racial division. Our natural world is also in crisis. Species are going extinct at an alarming rate. Our oceans, forests and natural habitats are being decimated by pollution, overpopulation, and a changing global climate.

While apps such as twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook enjoy increasing popularity, it seems clear that in many ways they inhibit genuine human connection. The average person doesn’t feel seen, understood or valued by those in power. Instead, most people feel manipulated, exploited, and controlled by forces out of their control. Likewise, people feel concerned about the natural world, and yet feel powerless to make real change. A culture of fear, anger, and misinformation has arisen that is leveraged by those in power for political and monetary gain.

CONNECTED proves that we are all one people. Through understanding, and sharing the wisdom and experience of people from all walks of life, we can find love. And through love, we can work powerfully to begin to solve the problems that plague us, and heal our world.

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